Roorkhee chairs part 3

The next day I hung the legs from coat hangers on the side of the shop and sprayed them with zinnser spray able canned shellac. I gave them just two coats since the cut was pretty heavy. I let the shellac cure over night and then I used black briwax and steel wool to rub out the shellac. I think the result looks great! One happy mistake I discovered is instead of dyeing and then burnishing the leather edges I found the black briwax could do both in one step!





I realized after I took pictures that I still need to trim the stretchers a little and finish the ends but other that that the roorkhee chair is a wrap!

I think I will build another pair of chairs in cherry with canvas seats. I rough milled the lumber back when I milled the walnut for this chair. After sitting in the chair for a day or so I think some modifications might be in order. First, I am on the taller side (6′ 1″) and I have a long back for my height. I often found I wanted the back to be higher. Second, the height of the seat looks fine outdoors, but if you plan to use the chair indoors the seat height makes it look like toy furniture. And, third my wife asked if there was a way to lock the back so it didn’t pivot. I personally like the way it pivots but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to make one that has a back that can be locked and unlocked. All in all I think this is a great project that is very forgiving. So if you are wanting to build one there really are no excuses.


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