Roorkhee chairs

Like a lot of folks, I’ve wanted to build a roorkhee since Chris schwarz at lost art press posted about them in 2012. But this seemed an almost impossibility since I didn’t own a lathe. Things changed when a month ago I joined fort houston. I have zero turning experience but I wasn’t about the let that stop me. After a brief (like 10 minute) intro I was set loose, armed with two easy wood turning tools. I turned one practice piece and then jumped in with both feet and chucked up my first walnut leg blank. I think the easy wood tools are a real enabler. I got results on my first project I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without them. I found the actual turning to be fun. I did struggle a bit reproducing the second, third and fourth legs with even consistent tapers. A light touch and a little time is really all it took to turn these chairs parts.

I also got my side of leather in. I was hoping to squeeze two chairs out of one side but that just wasn’t possible.

It should however be possible to get one chair and an ottoman or campaign stool out of one side. So far I’ve cut the leather pieces out using the patterns I made from 1/8″ hardboard. I am wait for my leather working tools and rivets to arrive.


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