Basque Style Table: The Base Part 1

With the lumber milled I set to work on the two end assemblies.
First step is to lay out the through mortises then chop them. The legs of the end assemblies are splayed at 7° so I marked that angle on the legs and set a bevel gauge to 7° as well to use as a guide while chopping. I drilled out the first two mortises with a brace and bit but found it no faster than chopping, not to mention the results weren’t as clean.

I attacked this one joint at a time so I chopped a mortise, cut a tenon.


When I had both legs mortised and tenoned I laid the lower stretcher across the legs and marked the intersection at the legs.

More chopping and cutting and viola!

One more time through that whole operation and both end assemblies were complete. I didn’t take any pictures but I draw bored the mortise and tenons so I wouldn’t need to clamp anything.

More soon…


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