Basque Style farm Table

I ran across this “basque style table” on Dorset custom furniture’s blog back in January and really loved the open trestle base. I tucked the idea away since I was in the middle of a move and would only temporarily be in my current location. But, when I found Fort Houston the possibility of actually being able to complete this table in a reasonable amount of time became a reality. I went to Mimms and bought 120 board feet of 8/4″ poplar and set to work on the base. This table was intended for my mother in law and I liked it so much I planned to build myself an 8 ft version when I completed her 10 footer. But, as often happens things changed. She was really looking for something long and semi-portable that could be set up in the yard on a whim for a family dinner under the maple trees. I pitched the idea of making the 10 foot top as planned and then making a couple “fancy saw horses” for her 10 ft top and then making the base an appropriate size for an 8 foot table for my family. She loved the idea and so we moved ahead. The original plan had the entire table built out of poplar and finished clear but I thought the basque style base would look great painted black. So I plan to build the base, paint it black and make a top from cherry. And, then build a 10 foot top from poplar with matching poplar saw horses. The 10 foot poplar top will use the mitered frame style table top while my 8 ft cherry top will be a standard bread board end table top.

So, like every project this one started with lots of milling, milling, milling. Two 5-hour-days later I had all my material milled and ready for joinery.



One thought on “Basque Style farm Table

  1. I’m eager to see this come together, I’ve been wanting to make a table for our dining room and have been playing with different styles including something slightly rustic like a farm table.

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