Panel saw handle

I’ve been slowly making a pair of 20″ panel saws for bench work. I picked up some plates from awhile back. One is punched 10ppi crosscut and the other is 7 ppi rip. I thought I’d make contrasting handles so I could see at a glance which is which. Months ago I finished a walnut handle and today I finally got around to making a curly maple handle.

The handle is modeled after the Disston D7 panel saw handle. I roughed out the blank on the bandsaw. Using three gramercy rasps I roughly shaped the handle. I know there are a million ways to cut the plate kerf but I like to keep it simple and just use a tenon saw.

If you take your time and follow your line well, I find it isn’t too hard to get good results.


There is still a lot more sanding and shaping to go…


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