Sharpening Day

I’ve learned a few things since getting into woodworking. Chiefly amongst those things is sharp fixes everything. For bevel down tools I don’t worry about bevel angles much. I usually grind a 30 degree primary bevel and hone a 35 degree secondary bevel. And, as long as the irons are sharp they work fine. Case in point, I have no problem using my Lie-Nielsen high angle frog 4 1/2 on my shooting board when the iron is sharp.  As far as sharpening media goes I like diamond stones for their low maintenance and I find that diamonds sharpen everything. I use a 220 grit extra extra coarse stone, a 1200 grit fine stone and an 8000 grit shapton glass stone to put on a final polish.  Prior to starting a new project I like to sharpen everything up so I don’t have to stop working to do so.



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